NITRAS stands for quality and sustainability. Our objective is the continous development of our brand, our company and our employees in order to delight our customers with our products and services anytime. In addition to our core assortment, which is being continually expanded, we orientate ourselves towards market conditions and we adjust ourselves to the wishes and suggestions of our customers and partners.

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Due to our decades-long experience in the industrial safety branch we know the dynamic of the market and we adjust ourselves to innovations. We firmly believe that you can only compete successfully in the market, if you adapt  to the ever-changing demands of the market.

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Flat hierarchies, short official channels and a very good working atmosphere distinguish our company. We promote an atmosphere which gives our employees room for development and which leads to efficient team work. Our target is to orientate ourselves together on the corporate vision and to let it come true.

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Tolerance and fair ways of behaving are the basis for a long-standing cooperation. NITRAS is well known beyond the borders of Germany and Europe and we are convinced that respect and cultural diversity have to begin within the company to transport these values to our national and international partners.

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Due to our large storage areas we are able to deliver at short notice and to minimise delays. A motivated team and a modern ERP system support our flexibility in order to exceed customer´s expectations in favour of their entire satisfaction. Personalised consulting and closeness to our customers are main concerns for us. Our long-standing customer relationships are only one example for that.

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Together with our purchasing office in China, we are able to perform stringent quality controls on site and before shipment. Thus we ensure highest customer satisfaction and minimised complaints. The quality and efficiency of our daytoday work are certified according to the quality management standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485. We are convinced that it is absolutely necessary to optimally link all parts of a chain together to ensure the best possible service for our customers.

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