Antistatic protective gloves

EN 16350 Handschuhe

This pictogram indicates, that the corresponding protective gloves have been tested and certified according EN 16350. The protective gloves meet all requirements.


Hydrostatic head

Wassersäule EN Softshell
Wassersäule EN Pilotenjacke

This pictogram indicates the hydrostatic head (mmH2O) of clothing (pictogram above) or materials (pictogram below).




This pictogram indicates, that protective gloves and arm protectors are made of TAEKI5 special yarn. This yarn is refined with a special fibre which is made in Germany and which is characterised by a very high mechanical resistance and even withstands situations with heat. Due to these characteristics this fibre is preferentialy used by manufacturers from various industries (e. g.  automotive sector, aeronautics) to produce durable and high-performance products.


Vegetable tanned leather


Marks gloves, whose leather is vegetable tanned.



KATA 5 Logo

This pictogram indicates, that protective gloves are manufactured with the special yarn KATA 5. This yarn made of two high quality and durable materials.It is characterised by its highest wearing comfort, highest dexterity and highest cut resistance (level 5). Further this innovative special yarn has an additional protection against contact heat.



000000100 powder

This pictogram indicates, that the related disposable gloves are powdered.



000000100 powder free

This pictogram indicates, that the related disposable gloves are powder-free.



7 Gauge

7 Gauge knit of gloves (Coarse knit)

10 Gauge

10 Gauge knit of gloves (Average knit)

13 Gauge

13 Gaugeknit of gloves (Fine knit)

15 Gauge

15 Gaugeknit of gloves (Finest knit)

18 Gauge

18 Gauge knit of gloves (Finest knit +)


For food contact

Piktogramm LFGB

Products and items which are determined to come into contact with food according to LFGB and Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.


Oeko-Tex Standard 100


Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all processing stages. The tests for harmful substances include substances forbidden by law, substances regulated by law, substances known to be harmful (but not yet legally regulated) and parameters for health care.



Sanitized Logo

SANITIZED® is the extra hygiene system, which operates odour-inhibiting and bacteriostatic. Further it contributes to a longer durability of the gloves.



HIT Logo

The HydroImperTex technology is applied as a coating on textiles and creates a water and dirt-repellent protective barrier. So the HydroImperTex technology protects textiles against e. g. climatic influences and makes the textiles more durable.




The TÜV / GS mark ensures that all products meet the quality and safety standards of the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG). The GS mark confirms that the product is evaluated for its safety, tested and certified by an independent third party.


DGUV Rule 112-191

DGUV 112 191 de

The safety shoes marked with the DGUV Rule 112-191 mark are certified for use with an orthopaedic arch support.


AQL 1,5

000000100 AQL

The AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) defines a precisely procedure at which a certain subset of a good is allocated for a sample. This sample is tested according to settled standards and specifications. From the received results, it is possible to draw conclusions about the quality of the goods. The higher the requirements for a product are, the more stricter are the predefined guidelines. The  AQL is therefore a statistical method for determining the quality. Medical gloves must be aseptic and must comply with DIN EN 455. An AQL (accepted quality level) of less than 1,5 is to be observed. The gloves are only tested for water resistance.

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